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Computational Physics

The Computational Physics group provides innovative solutions to complex problems using world class numerical and analytic tools. The group specializes in the analysis of applied physics problems in the areas of:

  • basic plasma physics,
  • inertial/magnetic fusion research,
  • electrical gas discharges,
  • high-energy-density physics,
  • warm-dense matter,
  • pulsed power systems,
  • particle accelerators,
  • electromagnetic pulse generation and propagation,
  • micro-electronics shielding,
  • microwave generation and transport,
  • high power lasers,
  • laser-matter interaction,
  • radiation production and threat assessment.

Implosion of a deuterium gas puff z-pinch
using LSP at 15 MA current.

The group utilizes Voss Scientific’s on site large-scale computing capability with three state-of-the-art parallel computer clusters, ranging from 32 to 128 processor cores. Tools available on these clusters include the LSP Suite, Mathematica, and other physics-related packages. As the original and current developers of the LSP code, Voss Scientific owns a full license (with source code) for the code and is a partner with ATK.

The LSP Suite is a 3-D electromagnetic particle-in-cell code designed for large scale plasma simulations. The code calculates the interaction between charged particles (electrons and ions) and external and self-generated electric and magnetic fields.

Some current applications are E-beam driven radiography, pulsed power accelerator design, heavy-ion fusion, KrF e-beam pumped laser, petawatt laser-plasma interaction, and plasma reactor. A comprehensive list of research papers utilizing LSP can be found here:

Bibliography of publications utilizing Lsp.pdf

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