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Technical Services:

Voss Scientific provides analytic and numerical analysis of complex scientific problems in a number of areas.

Laser Diagnostics (see www.ultrafastdiagnostics.com)

Voss Scientific's unique qualifications have produced a breakthrough in laser diagnostic capability. The combination of single shot experiment design, remote computer control of diagnostics and lasers, and an in-depth understanding of the physics of the diagnostics themselves, has led to a fully integrated laser test system that is superior to any systems previously fielded.

The system monitors key laser source parameters that include energy per pulse, pulse width, spectrum, and so forth, while synchronously recording a wide range of experimental results.

In addition, the temporal, intensity, and spectral source parameters can be scanned automatically as data is recorded to produce an exhaustive experimental parameter study in just a few minutes. This high degree of automation allows exceptionally broad laser parameter scans and statistical variation measurements. All data can be automatically processed and the final results stored in a database for immediate review, using Voss Scientific's DAAAC software.

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