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Computational Physics


The Computational Physics group provides innovative solutions to complex problems using world class numerical and analytic tools.

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Current Sensors and Electronic Field Probes

The SIE-100 electric field sensor has a bandwidth exceeding 6 GHz, and is capable of measuring incident fields exceeding several MV/m without breakdown.

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The CP-450 high bandwidth current probe responds to transient current signals on a wire.

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Mobile Shielded Enclosure
STG - 16 - Synchronized Trigger Generator

The mobile shielded enclosure provides a portable screen room for locating sensitive instrumentation in direct RF irradiation environments.

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The GPS-based STG-16, Synchronized Trigger Generator is used to simultaneously trigger devices at widely separated physical locations with absolute temporal accuracy less than 20 ns.

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Waveguide Twists

Smooth, adiabatically tapered, waveguide twists in thick-walled WR-650 have excellent return loss properties while remaining vacuum-capable (measured return losses less than -30 dB across the entire operating bandwidth). They also avoid the field enhancements and much of the resonant structure common to stepped waveguide twists. Please specify angular slope when requesting price quotation (nominal value of 6.3 degrees per inch).

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