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Voss Scientific provides high performance plasma physics simulation software, with its CHICAGO suite.

CHICAGO is an advanced three-dimensional fully electromagnetic particle-in-cell (PIC) code designed for executing multi-scale, plasma physics simulations. The code calculates the interaction between charged particles (electrons and ions) and external and self-generated electric and magnetic fields. Advanced field solver techniques combined with multiple plasma models (quasi-neutral, inertial-fluid and fully-kinetic) allow CHICAGO to treat large spatial and temporal scales for modeling a wide range of plasma-based devices.


CHICAGO Features


The CHICAGO suite consists of the ChicaGUI to input geometric and other parameters; the CHICAGO plasma physics modeling code which executes the simulation; and the Aurora graphical postprocessor for viewing and analyzing results.

  • runs on Windows, Macs, Linux clusters, and advanced computer architectures;
  • currently being optimized for GPU operation;
  • supports solid object construction with permittivity, permeability, gas breakdown, including Solid Works import;
  • has novel, published (400 publications) algorithms for explicit, implicit, and hybrid kinetic/fluid simulation.

CHICAGO is a FDTD toolkit of field/particle advanced techniques for plasma simulation:

  • Fully electromagnetic and relativistic, moving frame;
  • 3D orthogonal grid 1st or 2nd order (partial-cell conformal boundaries with particles) surfaces.
  • all plasma descriptions use PIC techniques, and can be combined in Hybrid operation;
  • kinetic, multi-fluids (inertia and charge separation);
  • Quasi-neutral with multiple ions, new Hall implementation.
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