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Technical Services:

Voss Scientific provides analytic and numerical analysis of complex scientific problems in a number of areas.

Computational Physics

The Computational Physics group provides innovative solutions to complex problems using world class numerical and analytic tools. The group specializes in the analysis of applied physics problems in the areas of:

  • basic plasma physics
  • inertial/magnetic fusion research
  • electrical gas discharges
  • high-energy-density physics
  • warm-dense matter
  • pulsed power systems
  • particle accelerators
  • electromagnetic pulse generation and propagation
  • micro-electronics shielding
  • microwave generation and transport
  • high power lasers
  • laser-matter interaction
  • radiation production and threat assessment
LSP sim

Implosion of a deuterium gas puff z-pinch
using LSP at 15 MA current.

The computational physics group utilizes Voss Scientific’s large-scale computing capability with state-of-the-art parallel computer clusters. Tools available on these clusters include the LSP Suite, a 3-D electromagnetic particle-in-cell code designed for large-scale plasma simulations. As the original and current developer of the LSP code, Voss Scientific owns a full source code license and is a partner with Northrup Grumman. The code calculates the interaction between charged particles (electrons and ions) and external and self-generated electric and magnetic fields. Current applications include E-beam driven radiography, pulsed power accelerator design, heavy-ion fusion, KrF e-beam pumped laser, petawatt laser-plasma interaction, and plasma reactor design.

Bibliography of publications utilizing LSP

Custom Software

Voss Scientific specializes in the development of custom software that includes scientific analysis, instrumentation interfaces, graphical user interfaces, database design, data visualization and simulation. We support both large and small scale efforts.

Our highly trained engineers have experience that ranges from embedded system design to EM simulation to fully distributed instrument control and data acquisition. Voss Scientific has offered this expertise to the scientific community since 1991, providing a range of custom applications for Windows & Linux platforms.

Projects Include:
  • automated susceptibility testing
  • pulsed power diagnostic systems
  • adaptive optic control systems
  • femtosecond pulse shaper software
  • RF component characterization software
  • inventory control software
  • aircraft bus monitoring
  • distributed telemetry recorder
Laser Diagnostics

Voss Scientific's unique qualifications have produced a breakthrough in laser diagnostic capability. The combination of single shot experiment design, remote computer control of diagnostics and lasers, and an in-depth understanding of the physics of the diagnostics themselves, has led to a fully integrated laser test system that is superior to any systems previously fielded.

The system monitors key laser source parameters that include energy per pulse, pulse width, spectrum, and so forth, while synchronously recording a wide range of experimental results.

In addition, the temporal, intensity, and spectral source parameters can be scanned automatically as data is recorded to produce an exhaustive experimental parameter study in just a few minutes. This high degree of automation allows exceptionally broad laser parameter scans and statistical variation measurements. All data can be automatically processed and the final results stored in a database for immediate review, using Voss Scientific's DAAAC software.

High Power Microwave Sources, Diagnostics and Effects

Voss Scientific personnel have been major contributors to the development of high power microwave technologies for over 2 decades. Contributions include research and development of state-of-the-art high-power microwave sources and antennas, diagnosis of devices and their radiated environments, susceptibility effects testing, and electromagnetic hardening.

We have been key developers of narrowband HPM technologies with peak powers in the 100s - 1000s of MW; ultrawideband technologies with risetimes faster than 200 picoseconds and effective isotropic radiated powers (EIRPs) exceeding 10,000 MW; and patented GHz-bandwidth sensors used to diagnose the performance of this unique class of electromagnetic radiators.

TPASCO source design
UWB source
Ultra wideband source components
Source and antenna in test configuration
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